Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Part 1ii: Individual Conceptual reflections for this week:

From gothic monsters to sound effects to torture porn.

In the early stages of horror films. The horrors of the film are mostly physical things such as supernatural or grotesque creatures, ranging from vampires, demented madmen, devils, unfriendly ghosts, monsters, Frankensteins .demons, zombies, evil spirits, arch fiends, Satanic villains, diabolical presence of evil. In the early stage of horror they really need to rely on these scary looking abominations to depict the horror of the film. They use sound effects which are normally heard of in real life because of the lack of technology. These sound effects such as women’s screams and growling sounds which the monster makes are the key elements of sound effects in old horror flicks. Since the advance of technology horror films now focus more on manipulating sound to enhance the atmosphere of the film. Using the background music of the film, when danger is near the music changes to an intense tone or the background music could be stooped halfway so that the environment sounds can take over. The footsteps of the monster getting louder signals the distance of the monster between the characters. As technology becomes more advance, convincing cg are also added to these films to replace the “real” actors who dressed in monster suits. The CG’s quality will continue to improve as technology advances. Such as now, technology made it possible to live within the boundaries of the film itself by making the film in 3D. If this is not enough, “torture porn” movies such as SAW rely on the actors and makeup that they wear. The different ways of physical ways of destroying the human. These types of horror films try to make the audience feel the pain felt by the victim.

Current horror such as terrorism
However in the current state of horror. Terrorism is the horror in this world’s reality. Various terror attacks had sparked the fears of the global community and the effects are devastating. Terror stricken countries such as sri lanka (in the past), various westernised countries have its alert on the high. One of the famous terror attacks is 9/11. 2 planes crashed into the twin towers dealing significant amount of damage. Bombings in various countries had created fear in the hearts of everyone as they will not know when the next attack is going to be next and who will the victims be. Real world victims and bodies invoke the horrors of the onlooker looking into the scene of the damage. The various disembodied victims of a blast, the cries from the survivors. The sound of a blast from the distance can shatter the hearts of onlookers as they expect the scene which they will be facing next.

New directions – clover field

The various directions of how these genres can evolve are to make the payers or audience feel as if they are in the scene and in the place. A good example of a movie going into this direction is cloverfield. Where the main character is actually “you”, although the character in the movie is not you but you are stepping into his shoes. The view you see in the movie is his view. The movie goes about by putting you into the protagonist shoes in his line of vision. So what he sees is what you see in the movie. If he fell and is on the ground, you will be seeing the ground. If he is running the camera moves as if you are looking into the camera and running. This style tries to immerse the audience into the movie sort of like a first person view.

Part 1i: Individual Conceptual reflections for this week:

Heroic mythology: Clash of the titans

The important elements of this movie are its characters involved in the film. Relating to those of Greek creatures/gods/minors. The environment and atmosphere relates to those of fantasy.

Difference: this genre unlike sci fi and fantasy, it usually contains characters and places found from various mythologies. It’s actually a rework of current myths and legends and making them into a film. Films in this genre can even mix and match characters from different myths together to create a story.

So the main substance for this genre is the term: Reusing the past myths

Science fiction: Avatar

The important elements of this movie are the newly created alien race (the na’vi) and the advanced technology (human weapons and spacecraft). Sci-fi needs to relate to the current world we live in. It’s just the advance world that the creators perceive our world now.

Difference: this genre unlike mythology and fantasy. It usually takes things from the current world and advance it to another level but also maintain its credibility. Such as the teleporter. In the current world now, US had already invented the teleporter where they could transfer lasers from one place to another without touching or destroying it.

So the main substance for this genre is the term: Advancing the current
Fantasy: Lord of the rings

The important elements of this movie are the unrealistic world (middle earth) and the various scenes that take place in the movie. Fantasy is fiction where unreal situations and characters take place in a world.

Difference: this genre unlike sci fi and myth is the creativity involved. In order to create good fantasy the creator must create an unreal world and produce it without destroying its credibility and also to convince others that this might be real.

So the main substance for this genre is the term: Creating a new world
Similarities: The similarities of these 3 movies is the heroes journey, well almost all movie must have a heroes journey. These 3 movies have unrealism to them but at deferring levels. They all takes place in fictional worlds.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Heroes Journey

This supposed to be me manipulating powerpoint slides for presentation.
However it looks like me sitting on a toilet bowl waving at people peeping at me through the window LOL.

Deep Doodle on HTI as a Game ^^


I was supposed to draw student listening to presentations
and videos to earn points . The doodle however looks like
a person hypnotizing people to do HTI > . <|||