Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Discussing Alchemy and the Renaissance

The renaissance is the period of high art and culture. In that particular period there had been a rise to many intelligent and philosophical individuals. The renaissance was one of the period where architectural and artistic treatises massed and they were trying to prove that science is derived on the teachings of Greek philosophy, Christian faith and Roman ambitions. Scholars from this period painstakingly rummaged through the past in order to find original texts which are related to these teachings so that it could re-enlighten them about what are true sciences. Most studies were related and based on the human body in which the artists, architects etc. to be obsessed with the nature of the human. From these findings they were found out that ancient sciences had transformative power. Therefore the artist at that period describes art as a form of therapeutic device in which art have the power to move the soul.

In this period alchemy was also well sought after.

Alchemy is both a philosophy and an ancient practice focused on the attempt to change base metals into gold, and achieving wisdom, involving the improvement of the alchemist as well as the making several substances which can produce various unusual properties.

The practices on alchemy are mostly based on the interest of the body and the soul. They thread through how to improve the human and the well being. Unlike traditional medicines the prescription of medicine in that period is for healing both the mind and body. That time they also believe hugely about the body having a spirit. The spirits is known as the astral body and was thought to be composed of aether from the super celestial region. In order to heal the body, we must heal the spirit with it through therapies which involves vapour, harmonies like hymns and prayers and scents.

There was a huge cultural exchange to pursue alchemy.

"They sought such transformative prescription for the
human body and its soul from Egyptian alchemy,
Greek philosophy together with Arab curiosity (seePic
atrix) with talismans. It was a portent mix."
(From the slide.)

Talismans are one of the main parts of alchemy.
Its believe that the most powerful talismans is the ability to memorise. By memorising the elements and images of these talismans. These talismans represent the divine and the images are carefully constructed respectively to represent the divine. By memorising these images it can help the humans get divine atonement.

Ancient Philosophical Thinking VS Modern Scientific Thinking

Ancient Phiosophical Thinking

Modern Scientific Thinking

Mostly based on improving the mind, spirit and body buy using and deconstructing ancient references so as to create methods of healing in relevance to these teachings.

Believes by “curing” the soul the human will live a much healthier and fruitful life.

Practises in the renaissance period are also based on the divine and how humans can receive divine atonement. Such as producing talismans.

Mostly based on scientific references and theories. Such as curing an illness. Curing an illness is not about curing the soul and you cannot cure a person just by singing hymns but by prescribing modern medicine.

Although aroma therapy could secure a person a healthier life or even maybe curing illnesses however it is proven to work through modern scientific research.

Art cannot cure a person from his illness thus memorising talismans are also, of course not able to cure anybody.

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