Thursday, September 23, 2010

Journal : Espionage

What is Espionage?

What is espionage? Its an act of obtaining confidential information without permission from the information holder. Espionage is a form of intelligence gathering which involves stealing of data from a location where it is stored. Serious cases are stealing a nations confidential information so as to benefit one’s own nation. But many use the term more generally as confidential information stealing so as to benefit oneself not usually involving rival countries but also can be applied to rivalling companies.

History of Espionage.

Ancient Egyptians has this practise from a long time ago where they had an extensive secret service to gather information of neighbouring nations as well as information on prominent figures.

In the Chinese history, espionage is considered a very good strategy in the art of war. To know what the enemies are planning and propose a new strategy to counter them is a very good way to win a battle.

During the cold war there happens to be intensive espionage activities between the USA, allies and the Soviet Union and the people’s republic of China. Which are aimed to gather information about each other’s nuclear related secrets?


Agents are the ones who carry out espionage for their employers. They are respectively ordered to infiltrate facilities to obtain restricted information. They are given extensive training which allows them to move quickly without being detected. They are also “people without and identity” they are supposed to have various different identities so as to not be tracked down by anyone. Their identities are kept secret for their own good.

The information that they obtain can be of vital importance. Such as in war, before a battle starts spies can infiltrate the enemy’s base to obtain their battle plan so that they will have the upper hand in battle when the battle starts.

Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage is attempting of gathering information of another rival company about their plans, products, clients or trade secrets.

Industrial espionage is illegal and can be punishable by law with a jail time and with financial penalties.

Spies can also gain access to private information of the company by bribing, blackmailing or coerced the person in charge of such information. This is also considered to be industrial espionage.

Hackers can also hack into a company’s system to steal their information and these information can be used to sell to other companies for a price J

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