Thursday, September 23, 2010

Journal : Swords and Sorcery

What is swords and sorcery.

Swords and sorcery is a sub-genre of fantasy. The word SWORD means the offensive abilities, the battles occurring during the journey of the main protagonist. this basically means that the word SWORD symbolises all the mystical battles which takes place. It also represents all the different abilities being used in the fight. While the word SORECERY means the world that the protagonist is living in. the setting where the various events take place and the magical system which are used in the fantasy world. Generally this sub genre is fantasy like but it mainly stages because of the battles that will be taking place and this genre focuses on that aspect.

The story often or not takes place in many familiar environments but it is fictional. Places such as medieval Europe is such examples but because they tweak the setting with a bit of magic and changing some minor details of the place. The place now becomes a new fantasy word but the audience can accept it because it is also relevant to medieval Europe. The change of technology is also essential for this genre. You can find a magical rifle or even a flaming sword for instance. These insane weapons can help the protagonists and other characters to use inhumanly possible stunts to overcome massive obstacles.

The battles which take place in this genre are also insanely unpredictable. The hero could either fight his enemy one on one, as a group or even the most insanely impossible one vs. a thousand troops by himself.

The weapons that each character uses in this genre are really important. Even though they have magical powers, they cannot and must not be empty handed. The weapons they use are there to show the audience their power and it also becomes one with the character which will in turn make the character much more eye-catching and formidable. Many different weapon from different ages can live in harmony in this genre. Dragons from the fantasy medieval ages can be in the same show with a high tech super rocket launcher. That’s the uniqueness of this genre.

Hero journey
The hero journey is linear. Heroes at the start has a specific purpose such as revenge or to gain a certain item to save somebody or the world. The environment where they are in are much more exotic then our own or maybe in a different world or in a place far away.


Enemies of the protagonist are not necessary bad. It is just that they have purpose which conflicts with the heroes’ journey of the main character. Enemies can change and be a good character where they can join forces with the good guys and fight for justice. They also have enormous powers and can be compare to those that the protagonist have.

Eye CandyWhat are eye candies? Eye candies are special effects or exaggerated items in the show. These items are like gigantic weapons or characters. It to give the things much more “eye candy”. It gives the audience “pleasure” or “revolt” something to take a lot of notice. Another thing about eye candy is the various battle effects of the fights, like beautiful lights, how the character transform into a more powerful being. The various effects that the weapon does such as shooting enormous beams of light etc.

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