Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Journal : Space Opera

What is Space opera? It is just a story set in outer space. It has a protagonist. the story can alos involve aliens, different unworldly planets and environments. The culture in some space operas can also be much different then our own or for some people they might consider it a taboo. Space opera also consists of many high tech out of this world weapons, spaceships, and huge huge huge space stations unlike the ones we are being launched today. Basically to sum up, space opera is just like fantasy. An imaginary world but then it is set in outer space. The science in space opera can also impart some science theory which my not be possible but believable into the story to give the audience a “ believable factor” in it.

The origins of Space opera is in the early 1900s from HG WELLS. His works are some of the earliest evidences of space opera. These works are, The First Men in the Moon and the war of the worlds.

Cultures and trends

Usually stories in space opera are parallel to what is actually happening on earth. War. Most stories In space opera has a huge fight taking place where humans are fighting humans or aliens. The battle between 2 completely different worlds. each world has their own political system and you can compare these in depth with the real world politics . in their politics there will be a council to govern and to ensure orders are met. Criminals are given fair trials for their crimes, & given proper sentences, taxes have to be paid and there is also education. Business in space are the same but on a different scale and level. Not only do you trade with people of your own but from people or alien from a galaxy far far away too. There is always the good vs. the evil scenario and alliances formed to fight a common enemy.

Family and Romance?

Friendship and family in space opera can come in different shapes and sizes. It can be a band of misfits forming a team or even a family of mixed races of aliens. In star wars, han solo, obi wan and luke form into a team to save the princess. The story teller is trying to mix these different archetypes to form a unique team. Love is a form of character development in space opera. Romance is explored in a more strange and special way in space opera such as heterosexuality, homosexuality, xenophilia etc.

Aliens and their Languages. Robots and A.I.

Just like in our world aliens have their own languages also. They develop their own communities, languages and government based on their intelligence.Klingon is one important example of alien language which has become a popular and useful example of alien neologisms. Robots and AI are an important aspect of space opera. They provide the story with the futuristic elements that the opera needed. Most of the time if a story with these high tech robots and AI can be considered a space opera.

Science and Technology

Space travelling is an important aspect in space opera. You can always imagine what it is like to travel in space in the future.Most of this is done with Faster-than-light travel, with hypotheses as to how it works.

These include Hyper drive Engines(creating a hole in the fabric of space-time and going through it), warp drive (bending time around the ship to move faster than conventionally possible) quoted from the slide.Weapons in space opera most of the time comes with flashy lights and glow aftereffects. Such weapons are the light sabers and the different laser weapons that they show in movies. Compared to bullets, lights can give an even more futuristic look into a space themed movie or show.

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