Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Journal :Anime-Manga

Origin of Manga

I learned that Manga has been around for a long time since back in the 12th century. Where Japanese pictorial scrolls are fashioned to be read from the right to the left. These pictures usually tell us stories by the way the character is drawn into motion. The way each limbs and flow of “air” is carefully lay out to give the picture the unique flow and motion. Manga is the Japanese term that means “comics” and “cartoon” or just simple sketches.

Different effects of Manga

2 main aspects of Manga is introduced. Firstly is the usage of various visual sound effects. Manga are comics and comics can create actual sound when you read, unless you imagine them. The artist will try to make the readers life much easier by putting these sound effects on paper by drawing into the panel and blend it with the events taking place inside to panel. They are carefully placed so that it will not interrupt the panel’s events and yet gives it an extra “punch” into it. here are some of the most commonly used sound effects.


sound of someone jumping

sound of something flying through the air

hitting/kicking in a fight


If you want to see more examples you can click on this link.


Another aspect of Manga we have to take notice of is the facial expression that the character portray to express his emotions. They have simplified facial expressions, so as to small changes in the eyebrow height/ size or even the mouth will drastically change the expression and mood of the character. These simplified expressions are commonly used and it’s hard to have Manga without them.

Origin of anime

The term anime came about in Japan at around 1917. Anime is actually defined as Japanese styled animation. And I also learned anime is also called Japanimation in the past.

Animation started as a flip book. Where many cartoon pictures

were drawn synchronized in a book page by page. Then as the book is being flipped rapidly, an animation is formed.

Cross culture

Anime also gets influence by other mediums. There are many cross cultural evidences which shows that anime not only gets inspiration from only in Japan but also in other parts of the world. Such anime are Sayuki Reload and D-grayman.

Sayuki reload draws inspiration from a Chinese folk tale: Journey to the west

While D-Grayman draws inspiration from Christian references in their art and style.

Impacts of Manga and anime

From this presentation I also get to see the various impacts that anime and Manga.

I found out from the presentation that a guy actually married his Nintendo DS for the game’s virtual girl. From what I can see, Manga and anime has impacted its audience to make something from impossible, possible. It was taboo for somebody to marry a non-living thing let alone a game character. Manga and anime also made its audience experience a “second life” through the practise of cosplaying. Where individuals cosplay as their favourite characters and imitate their attitude and personalities.

For the anime and Manga theme being used in games. Such as the Manga effects used in games to illustrate an attack. Facial Expression in most anime inspired games in the many massive multiplayer mmo in the industry today gives the players the choice to toggle between their avatar’s facial expressions which are mostly anime inspired. The future of gaming by using anime as a medium to attract players. Since anime and Manga is very popular with teenagers and teenagers also are the main target audience for games. If games draw the anime style into them it will surely give the game an initial attractive advantage through its anime inspired aesthetics.

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