Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Journal :Current State of Horror

What is Horror

What is horror? You do not ask this question to any individual. You should be asking is actually, what horrifies you. There are some general guidelines to make a good and horrifying experience. These 5 factors are elements of extreme, imagination, sound, lighting and venue.

In elements of extreme, “exaggeration” is important. The proverb “ a picture paints a thousand words”. Just like the proverb says. Let’s say a person is to witness every single mutilation of the predator and all its victims and after that she tells his friend about what he saw. Which will you think will be more horrified? Of course is the one who saw what actually happened.

In imagination, it is what is beyond that horrifies us. If the corridor in an apartment suddenly went dark. Darkness engulfs thus your imagination will run wild. You don’t know what to expect. It’s the “you don’t know what will happen” feeling that disturbs and horrifies you.

The different sound effects applied also create a very horrifying impact on people around it. Placing soothing sounds before suddenly playing a eerie music gives the player a shock and also makes their imagination run wild. Sometimes only using sound effects can make a person really scared.

Dark and eerie lightings are the best in creating a horrifying experience this provokes imagination. Fuzzy and misty environments too are also good effects to cover up what is going to happen from the far and beyond.

Usually setting is the least important to create a good horrifying environment. If you have already put the first four basic aspects in the environment, almost any setting that you pick can be horrifying. Unless if you do not excel in creating good sound effects or the eerie lighting you should need. The venue that you pick at least will give you some horror elements. Such venues are usually in cramped and untidy places, old and foggy or even an empty room. A large empty room with no lights can actually place a huge amount of horror for a person.

Difference between Splatter and Slasher

Well from what I learned. Splatter basically is a much gorier genre compared to its counterpart slasher.Slasher although shows a lot of action and killings but it does not show off too much gore compared to splatter.

Action VS Survivor

The current trend in horror games has changed quite a bit. The most outlining change is the “horror” in horror games are being taken over by more “action”. Horror games nowadays are basically shooting action games. Where the only horror that the games have is the “horrifying” enemies, they just added those enemies such as zombies to lead the game into the genre. For one game example is , Left 4 Dead franchise. The game is not scary at all although there are a few shocker moments in the game but who cares; you have guns to solve all the problems for you. Bang! They are gone. Recently games tend to forget the fact that horror does not really need crisp and solid graphics. What makes a good horror game is the way the developers conceal and hide important evidences of horror, making the player imagine themselves.

War on terror the real horror

Terrorism is the current state of horror now in the real world. You just will not know when will it happen or where will it happen. Imagine living in a terrorism stricken area where a suicide bomber just exploded a few blocks away from where you live and some of your close neighbours has died because of it. what will you do? Will you feel safe? Or rather would you ask yourself, am I safe? That is what most people will think and will be terror stricken .Terror is more related to being anxious or fearful, being terrified. Horror has also been defined as a combination of terror and revulsion.

Horror Vs Terror

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