Thursday, September 23, 2010

Journal : Deconstructing & Reconstructing the Hero Archetype


There are 6 general hero archetypes that I learnt from the presentation.

ž Altruist

ž Warrior

ž Wanderer

ž Innocent

ž Orphan

ž Magician

For each archetype they have their good and bad side and the possible reason that these archetypes can become the villains.


An altruist in any situation is self-sacrificing it is a good and bad trait for this archetype. Sometimes they just sacrifice too much for their own good and being too overgenerous. This archetype is one of the more positive one. It is difficult for her to be a bad person in any situation. However there are some instances where this character can become a major villain. The possible reason for this archetype to be the villain is that she feels that she had sacrificed too much and received no benevolence at all. This can make her seek revenge and the urge to put shame on others to make them feel guilty.


Warrior is the next archetype in the list. They are power hungry and has a high willingness to excel above others. However they can be negative. The urge to excel makes him unable to look at the people on his side. He can sacrifice his own kind in order to pursue a higher status neglecting those who care for him. The main possible reason for this archetype to become the villain is him taking immoral action in order to reach his goals.


The wanderer is like a person who wants to find his meaning in life. With that he keeps wandering in search for the correct path. The positive trait of this character is that he proves his thoughts and most often or not he is wise and is a guide for the rest of the party. He is able to express his own will and neglecting any restriction placed on him. the negative side of this archetype is that he maybe perceive as the most isolated character from the group. The motivation for him being evil is that he does not really listen to anyone but himself thus maybe neglecting the law which he may commit crimes.


This archetype seeks happiness. She is positive , having faith and being really creative. The motivation for them to do evil is being easily manipulated by another evil individual. Since they seek happiness if the villain gave them the most happiness they will be easily be drawn by them.


Orphans are those who already survived through hardships. They are realistic and practical individuals. However the have low expectations and often feel that they are being used by others or being the unfortunate ones In the party. The possible reasons for them to become the villain are that they will just do anything to survive and live. Even killing the good guys.


Magicians are innovative and charismatic and influential individuals. However he is not practical and believes that he could do anything. Their motivation for being a villain is to manipulate others to do his bidding.

Idea of Heroines

The birth of a heroine? Yes they are not regarded as heroes from a long time ago D; however there are really powerful women in stories in those times. Usually they are portrayed as the evil villain or being made powerful by evil. Not to worry nowadays women are completely being accepted as a hero. Such example is wonder women.


The goal for an anti hero is to manipulate an entity and redirect it to fulfil their own craves and desires and needs, which is to get what they want even through negative means to satisfy themselves.

The purpose for villains and anti-heroes in a story is to create many problems for the hero to solve which will in turn reveal the inner workings of the dark side.

Relevance of Archetypes Now

From what I learn in the slides if a hero in the story has the same weakness as us humans. We can relate to him more and understand him better. Because we know how he feels and the information that is shared can be compared with us as an individual.

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